Thank you to all who volunteered on Comcast Cares Day!

Thank you for being part of Comcast Cares Day’s 14th anniversary, and for taking time to give back and be part of the change in our communities. Your contributions will make lasting impressions in the neighborhoods we serve and your dedication to giving back will contribute to the lives of people who utilize and attend the food banks, community centers, schools and parks we helped improve on Saturday.

Comcast Cares Day: Volunteers needed!

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to get involved and give back to your community, consider participating in Comcast Cares Day. Comcast Cares Day is the nation’s largest single-day corporate volunteer effort with employees, families, friends, and local partners all joining together to clean, rejuvenate, and beautify the communities where we work and live. This … Continue reading Comcast Cares Day: Volunteers needed!

End Earth Week with a bang: Comcast Cares Day is this Saturday!

Utah’s ninth annual Comcast Cares Day in is in just a few days and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the end to Earth Week. Everyone is invited to come help beautify Utah with projects like clearing debris, planting flowers, and painting at schools, parks and community centers. As we said in our last post, … Continue reading End Earth Week with a bang: Comcast Cares Day is this Saturday!