Proud to be in Utah and Arizona

We love being a part of the Utah and Arizona communities. Because it’s a quite lovely to sit and stare at, we wanted to share our “Mountain Region” poster, which includes Utah and Tucson, Arizona. Enjoy!


Comcast in the Community

Comcast is extremely committed to our communities here in Utah. In the last quarter of 2014, we have been able to partner with many nonprofit organizations in Utah, including the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus and the United Way of Salt Lake. Please see below for our most recent Community Investment Report outlining our engagement right here in Utah.
CI Report Utah.2014 frontCI Report Utah.2014 back

Celebrating Black History Month

black history month

During the month of February, Xfinity will offer a collection of Black History Month programming with a special focus on content featuring African American icons who have achieved historic “firsts” in the African American community, including films like: Venus and Serena, The Great Debaters, Pride, TheMedgar Evers Story, Bird, I Am Ali and Malcom X. Other features include TV specials like The Black List on TVOne and Angelique Kidjo on Al Jazeera America.

All programming will be featured on Xfinity’s Celebrate Black TV website and on Xfinity On Demand, with select content available on mobile devices via the Xfinity TV Go app.

This month, Comcast is also expanding “His Dream Our Stories” — which was launched in 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom – with new interviews and an extended collection of videos that will feature key moments in civil rights history. In partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative, Comcast will feature “Moments in Civil Rights History with D’Army Bailey” — a collection of historical events in the civil rights movement. Both sites will be updated weekly with original videos hosted by legendary activist Judge D’Army Bailey, covering key civil rights milestones and events.  Users will also have the ability to directly upload their own personal stories of activism, memories from marches and demonstrations, or similar stories from their loved ones.

Comcast has had a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion since its founding more than 50 years ago and focuses its efforts in five key areas: diversity in governance, attracting and retaining a multicultural workforce, developing a diverse supply chain, offering a wide selection of multicultural programming, and community investment in national, regional and local diverse organizations.


Hold music can be a thing of the past

No one wants to wait on hold if they can avoid it, so we are giving customers the option to skip holding altogether through a new Xfinity My Account App feature.

With the new feature, customers can schedule a time for a Comcast representative to call them to resolve whatever issue they may be dealing with – no waiting.

Here’s how it works.  One of the main features of the My Account app is the interactive troubleshooting guide, which takes customers through steps designed to help them fix whatever issue they are having themselves.  If your issue is still not resolved after going through the troubleshooting steps, there is an option to call us.  But here’s where it gets good.  If you don’t want to call us, we will call you.  Simply enter in your phone number, select the time you want us to call you (call times are available in 15 minute windows), and you’re all set.

Not a phone person?  There is an option in the app to chat with an expert on Twitter as well.  You can even snap a photo of your screen and Tweet it to us, so we can see exactly what you’re seeing.

These features are available to all customers today on the My Account app.  But, don’t think this means we’ve stopped working to make the phone experience the best it can be. It’s the opposite. We’re working hard to make sure we are serving our customers as quickly as possible across all our channels.

(Article taken from Comcast Voices)

The Best of TV 2014!

Best of 2014

Our Xfinity TV viewers watched nearly 3 billion hours in 2014! Xfinity On Demand is one of the most-viewed platforms in the industry.

Here is a list of what our digital TV customers chose to watch the most in 2014.

The Year in TV:

Top 20 Most-Viewed TV Series:

  1. Game of Thrones, HBO
  2. The Big Bang Theory, CBS
  3. True Blood, HBO
  4. Modern Family, ABC
  5. The Walking Dead, AMC
  6. Family Guy, FOX
  7. The Blacklist, NBC
  8. Boardwalk Empire, HBO
  9. True Detective, HBO
  10. Bad Girls Club, Oxygen
  11. The Good Wife, CBS
  12. Scandal, ABC
  13. The Voice, NBC
  14. Dance Moms, Lifetime
  15. Teen Wolf, MTV
  16. NCIS, CBS
  17. Teen Mom 2, MTV
  18. American Horror Story, FX
  19. Chicago Fire, NBC
  20. Resurrection, ABC

The Top 10 Latino Programs

  1. El Senor de los Cielos, Telemundo
  2. Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Univision
  3. En Otra Piel, Telemundo
  4. Avenida Brasil, Telemundo
  5. La Viuda Negra, Univision
  6. FIFA World Cup, Univision
  7. Mi Corazon Es Tuyo, Univision
  8. Casa Cerrado, Telemundo
  9. El Chavo Animado, Univision
  10. Reina de Corazones, Telemundo

The Year in Movies

Top 20 New Release Titles

  1. Frozen, Buena Vista
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street, Paramount
  3. Dallas Buyers Club, Universal
  4. Captain Phillips, Sony
  5. Gravity, Warner Brothers
  6. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lionsgate
  7. Lone Survivor, Universal
  8. Ride Along, Universal
  9. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Paramount
  10. The Other Woman, 20th Century Fox
  11. Neighbors, Universal
  12. Last Vegas, CBS Films
  13. Non-Stop, Universal
  14. Heaven is for Real, Sony
  15. American Hustle, Sony
  16. Divergent, Lionsgate
  17. 12 Years a Slave, 20th Century Fox
  18. Maleficent, Buena Vista
  19. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Paramount
  20. The LEGO Movie, Warner Brothers

Top 10 Indie and Theatrical

  1. August: Osage County, STARZ
  2. Snowpiercer, Radius
  3. The Calling, Vertical Entertainment
  4. Rage, Image Entertainment
  5. Reasonable Doubt, Lionsgate
  6. Life of Crime, Lionsgate
  7. The Face of Love, IFC Films
  8. The Prince, Lionsgate
  9. Joe, Lionsgate
  10. Cold in July, IFC Films

Top 10 Xfinity Digital Store Purchases

  1. The LEGO Movie, Warner Brothers
  2. Neighbors, Universal
  3. 12 Years a Slave, 20th Century Fox
  4. X-men: Days of Future Past, 20th Century Fox
  5. 22 Jump Street, Sony
  6. Rio 2, 20th Century Fox
  7. Divergent, Lionsgate
  8. Lone Survivor, Universal
  9. How to Train Your Dragon 2, 20th Century Fox
  10. Gravity, Warner Brothers

The Year in Music

Top 10 Music Videos

  1. Iggy Azalea: Fancy
  2. Pharrell: Happy
  3. Nicki Minaj: Anaconda
  4. Katy Perry: Dark Horse
  5. Ariana Grande: Problem
  6. Taylor Swift: Shake it Off
  7. Bobby Schmurda: Hot
  8. Chris Brown: Loyal
  9. Jason Derulo: Talk Dirty
  10. Beyonce: Drunk in Love

10 Ways You May be Killing your Home Wi-Fi Signal

1. Don’t put your router on the floor. Get your router off the ground at least 5-7 feet if possible. It’s kind of like a light bulb; when you turn it on you want it to shine as far as possible, not straight into the ground.

2. A lot of folks default to an upstairs office, but that’s usually located in a remote corner of the house. Even worse: the basement; that area makes it hard for the wireless signal to reach all areas of your home. Put your router in the center of the home, preferably on the first floor.

3. Don’t put your router here. You might as well throw half your signal out the window.

4. Avoid locations next to or behind your TV because media components like this can seriously affect your wireless performance. Also, stay away from enclosed consoles with heat producing appliances like a DVD player or game console.  Those will also cut down your wireless signal.

5. Speaking of devices, steer clear of basic home appliances like cordless phones and microwaves that also can affect performance.

6. Don’t hide your router. Set it up out in the open, not tucked in a cabinet.

7. Got a fish tank? Wireless signals don’t pass well through water so keep it away from Nemo and Dory.  They won’t be using it anyway.

8. Captain Obvious…figure out where in your house you use wireless most often and put the router within a clean line of sight to that room. A central location, off the ground and out in the open, is the ideal location, as seen here. Most signals bounce off walls.

9. Limit applications that hog your speed. If your kids are always playing games online or doing video chats, this can make your wireless experience slower for everyone else. You can check your speeds using the Xfinity Speed Test located here.

10. Regularly reboot your router. There are a lot of software updates made to your equipment that require a restart just like any other consumer device. You can automatically reboot it by using an old outlet timer.

Finally, regardless if you rent or own your wireless router, make sure you have the latest equipment and are running the latest system software. Older wireless routers running older software may not be able to handle the speeds that you receive with your Internet service.

Follow some of these tips, and you’ll definitely have your Wi-Fi optimized for your next big event. And for more solutions for optimizing your Internet experience, click here.

Now hiring!

Now Hiring Poster

We will be holding three job fairs next week!

We’re looking for full and part time Sales Professionals who are interested in great benefits, base salary plus commission, free Xfinity services and opportunities for growth.

Apply at and enter one of these codes into the search box: 80110, 85486 or 85485.

Location: 9602 South 300 West, Sandy Utah, 84070


Wednesday, December 17 from 3-5 pm

Thursday, December 18 from 3-6 pm

Friday, December 19 from 2-5 pm


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